Welcome to Matus1976's Akira Bike Project - Building a fully functional high performance recumbent motorcycle inspired by Kaneda's ride in "Akira"


Short Build History

Following is a short, 20 image build history of the prototype

This is a basic functional prototype, it is not weight or performance optimized but instead is a simpler implementation meant for testing the basic geometry and dynamics. The prototype will go through a few design phases, including engine upgrades, and once testing is completed a completely new bike will be built integrating the results of testing with all new, high end components.

Starting on the base of the frame, as well as a wood working platform. The prototype is made mostly from square tubing to facilitate easier fabrication.

Engine testing

Ergonomic mockup of the seat and steering controls

The rear half of the frame in progress as well as the underside triangulation

The front of the frame in progress, and wheels stationed to give an idea of what it will look like

The virtual pivot assembly for raising the front end

Steering column added

Front fork under construction

Foot rests

Front wheel mounted, fork and virtual pivot assembly added, with the engine mounted

Updating the front fork ends from welded steel to cast aluminum

The front end with foot controls and handlebars added

Action shot of aluminum casting

Rear head rest added

Everything in place for a mockup

Adding the hardtail and rear wheel mount

Updating the seat to multilayer foam and nylon covering

Virtual Pivot point beefed up, resting on the work stands, and rear wheel in place

Rolling Chassis

Updated front end with CNC parts and a new front wheel

Rolling Chassis with updated front end and myself posing in front of the CNC

See "Progress" for detailed updates

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