Welcome to Matus1976's Akira Bike Project - Building a fully functional high performance recumbent motorcycle inspired by Kaneda's ride in "Akira"

If you ever want to see a real fully functional high performance Akira inspired bike please contribute!

How can you Help??

1) Share the Akira Bike Project

This is important and very helpful, and costs you nothing but a little time!


Share the Page on Facebook, Like the Facebook page, and share it!


Share the page on your favorite relevant forums, such  as Anime or Motorcycle forums.


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2) Contribute your technical expertise or resources

If you work with CAD, FEA, CNC, motorcycle design or physics, IP law, etc and want to help out please contact me.


If you can make some CNC parts for me, with supplied designs of course, for cheap or even free, it would really help the project.


I could really use someone to take over maintaining the web site, keeping up with SEO changes, etc, is very time consuming and not at all my passion.


I'm in the process of making SolidWorks models out of all my Lightwave parts, this is necessary for running FEA on the design, but is very tedious. If you are familiar with both apps and can volunteer some time, this would also help.


3) Contribute Money $


If you're a rich motorcycle enthusiast / Akira fan, and want a fully functional high performance Akira inspired bike , please get in touch with me. I would really like to accelerate this project.


Anything helps of course, it always does, this is an expensive project.  My shop rent alone is $1,100 / month.  Please consider tossing a couple bucks to the project, Dwolla offer re-occuring contributions starting at $1 / month!


You can send money via PayPal or via Dwolla.









I absolutely intend on manufacturing this high performance fully functional Akira inspired motorcycle. Investment options are welcome as well. Email me.


4) Contribute tools or supplies


My prototype is built around a Honda CX500, I'd like to upgrade that to a CX500 turbo, and then after more testing, upgrade that to CX650.  If anyone has these bikes or engines and would like to donate them, that could help significantly.


Some tools I could really use:

- Horizontal Bandsaw

- Vertical Bandsaw

- Pallet Jack

- Rotary Table

- Large Air Compressor


- Benchtop Drill Press


5) Help Out in the shop / Share the shop


If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in helping out in the shop - actually building the bike, let me know.


Also, if you are in the area and you have your own project, I'd be interested in sharing the workshop space for help on the rent. Consider it a maker space. Contact me if interested.




Help bring the fully functional high performance production Akira inspired motorcycle into existence...Contribute!

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